4 Ways to Incorporate Mirrors Into Your Decor

mirrored bathroom wallWe all have mirrors for practical reasons, usually tucked into the bathroom or the closet. But when used the right way, these seemingly utilitarian pieces can add extra brightness, depth and charm to any house or apartment. Keep reading for four clever ways to incorporate mirrors into the interior design of your Boston home.

Create Another Window

Do you have a window with a pretty view or lots of natural light? Hang a mirror directly opposite that window to magnify the light and double the beauty of the view. Even if the window is small, adding the mirror generates immediate impact—just choose a mirror that roughly matches the window in size and shape.

Magnify the Light

Here’s another way to brighten up your home with mirrors: Tuck a mirror behind any light source, whether it’s a floor lamp or a candle. The reflected light will make your home seem immediately lighter.

The Surprise Portrait

Do you enjoy showcasing a lot of family photos? Slip a framed mirror into the collection and watch your guests break out into a smile when they see their own face reflected as part of the collection.

Create a Focal Point

Sometimes, a mirror is its own statement piece. If you find yourself drawn to ornate, patterned mirrors—for example, sunburst mirrors or other intricate designs—consider placing them on the wall as stand-alone art. The drama of the shape and reflected light will make the mirror or mirrors an instant focal point in the room.

Get More Interior Design Ideas in Boston

Is your creativity buzzing yet? These are just a few of the easy ways you can make your home look bigger, brighter and more colorful. If you’d like more ideas, give your favorite Boston interior designer a call today.

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