5 Creative Fall Party Ideas

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Autumn has arrived, and what a great time to hold parties! The foliage is changing, bringing a variety of warm fall colors. Fall is a perfect time to consider changing your interior design in Boston before you hold your first fall party. Consider these 5 creative party ideas to kick off the season.

Harvest Party

Harvest parties celebrate the end of the summer harvests and the changing season. It can be held as an alternative to an after-Halloween party and a way to continue decorating with gourds and pumpkins. Also add apples, warm-colored leaves and acorns. Make cider and bob for apples.

Bonfire Party

Take the party outdoors with a bonfire. If you don’t have a fire pit, there are many easy ways to create one. Have chairs or blankets to sit on, warm appetizers to munch on and the makings for S’mores. It’s the ideal way to attract guests outside if you’re redecorating.

Wine Tasting Party

Fall is the perfect time to celebrate wine. You can take a couple of different approaches to a wine tasting party. Have guests bring their favorite wine to share or select a theme from a specific wine region, such as Napa or Tuscany. You’ll need one Bordeaux glass per person for the duration and wine glass charms to keep track of their glass.

Octoberfest Party

Hosting an Octoberfest party is a fun way to celebrate autumn, regardless of the month. Bring a bit of Germany to your home with some traditional German food, music and beer.

Football Party

Football fans are stoked for the return of the football season. Football parties are easy to throw, and what fan can say no to a party to support their favorite team?

Before the hubbub of the holidays sets in, think about changing up your home décor. Take a new approach to your Boston interior design with help from Cynthia Driscoll Interiors.

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