Top 5 Décor Trends of 2018

2018 decor trends

There are some home décor designs that you should leave in 2017 and look at some of the incredible designs that you can use in 2018. We’ve gathered some of the home décor trends and interior design services in Boston that will be pacesetters in 2018. Here are some of them.

Monochrome Spaces

Boston interior design services experts acknowledge the fact that most people are looking for simplicity and more peace in their home spaces. The easiest way to achieve this is by implementing tone on tone although it requires maximum discipline to achieve better results. The primary mission of the designer is to ensure that your home spaces are entirely designed in a common color family.

Color Blocks Complemented with Paint Effects

As we usher in 2018, we’d like to leave wall painting in 2017. The new trend involves creating unique shapes with color blocks. We also expect paint effects such as stencils and ombre walls to be on the rise.

The Terrazzo Flooring

Everything surrounding us might seem contemporary but the conventional style of flooring that was a significant hit in the ‘70s is back and we expect to be a major hit in the coming year. The terrazzo flooring design went up by more than 300% in 2017 and nothing seems to change.

Circle Patterns

Circles have become the new triangles and nobody can deny the fact that hard geometrics is on the rise as well. You can quickly dive into the trend with graphic wallpapers or start small with some accent pillows.

Style It Dark

The sophisticated and cool dark paint colors are here to stay. Interior design experts are already pairing the moody navy walls with the range of plush velvet sofas, marble and gold accents.

Redecorating your home should be among your new resolutions. You can call us today for expert advice and decorating trends that you should consider for your home.

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