Decor Trends that Will Rule 2017

Cynthia Driscoll Seaside The new year offers a chance to give your home a makeover with some updated decor. If you’re looking for ideas on changes to make this year, consider using one or more of the following ideas. These are the top decor trends that will be gracing homes in 2017.

Upgrade to a Textured or Upholstered Bedhead

Wooden bedheads have been a common item in homes for many years, but the new year is expected to bring the return of textured or upholstered bedheads as a popular feature. Textured or upholstered bedheads provide bedrooms with a touch of luxury and elegance, and they are available in a wide range of tones to complement almost any design scheme. Spruce up your bedroom with a plush velvet bedhead, or choose a traditional one that is covered in buttons.

Add Warmth with Terracotta

Terracotta tiles have traditionally been used for borders, but they are more likely to cover an entire wall in bathrooms and other rooms for visual interest this year. These tiles can also be used around fireplaces instead of more traditional brick tiles or contemporary stone tiles. Keep in mind that terracotta tiles are available in matte finishes, which gives them a smoother look that works well in home interiors.

Go Natural with Dark Green

Dark green tones will be showing up in more and more homes this year, providing you with an opportunity to give your home interior a lush, natural look. You can use these tones as bedroom wall colors to create a serene environment, or introduce them in more subtle ways, such as with cushions and other accent features. Whether you use a lot or a little dark green in your home, it will end up looking vibrant.

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