Tips on Adding Elegant Lighting To Your Space

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Lighting is a design element with a purpose. The right lighting fixture can change how a room looks and feels. Just keep in mind, how you plan to use the space can determine the style, color, shape or size of the light fixture you choose. Read on to learn more about the elements of this vital design feature.

Subtle Elegance

Busy rooms like the kitchen or family room deserve a touch of elegance, too. Ceiling-mount light fixtures are one way to make a subtle statement while coordinating easily with existing decor. 

Recessed can lighting is perfect for those spaces where the light itself is more important than the fixture. It is often used as task lighting to draw the eye to desired areas.

Add character and elegance with wall sconces. Traditionally used to highlight mirrors and artwork, sconces function well as the primary lighting in small spaces such as hallways.

Lighting Choices With Character

Perhaps the boldest choice in lighting fixtures is the chandelier. No longer relegated to grand dining rooms and entryways, chandeliers are showing up in bedrooms and bathrooms. The eye automatically travels to the chandelier because of its prominence, whether it is a traditional crystal design or a modern chrome piece.

Scale the chandelier down to a single smaller unit, and it becomes a pendant. Pendant lights generally hang lower than a chandelier, so while they are functional, they are often decorative in nature. Individual pendants can provide direct light to small spaces or can make a bold, elegant statement by grouping pendants together to form a pseudo-chandelier.

You can always add elegance to your home without installing new fixtures. Floor and table lamps come in a variety of styles and colors that coordinate with any design. Choose complementary sizes and shapes to add scale and pizzazz to a room.


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