Tips on Incorporating Color into Your Décor

Patterned WallpaperWhen creating attractive color designs, we often think in terms of percentage, contrast and flow. That may sound a little scientific, but some of the most alluring interiors manage color in similar ways. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips from our Boston interior design service about how to incorporate color into your décor.

The Rule of Three

Many of the most visually attractive things utilize three colors. Think about a new suit or even a beautiful sunset. They tend to have a dominant color that takes up about 60 percent of the space, such as the pants and jacket or blue sky. A less pervasive color occupies about 30 percent. This might be the yellow sun or shirt. Then accents like the tie or orange flares around the sun take up about 10 percent. Lovely rooms follow that same 60-30-10 pattern as well. Think walls-trim-accents.

Let the Color Flow

One way to bring your décor together is to reinvent color between adjoining rooms. In other words, the 60-30 used in one room turns into the 30-60 in the next room. The eye doesn’t stop and stop between rooms. It takes in the full spectrum. So, let the color flow throughout your living space.

Contrast Rules

The rule of three idea has a great deal to do with contrast. The way these colors are set off by each other will determine how a room makes us feel. We find that soft colors with mild contrasts create a relaxed living environment. Take a palate of light grays, whites and off-whites. Subtle differences tend to project a mellow vibe. High contrast, however, can excite our emotions. Walls of sunflower yellow with dark wood trim and red accents would have a powerful visual effect on mood and energy.

Boston enjoys a wealth of interior design inspirations. If you would like to learn more about our interior design services, feel free to contact us today!

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