Watch Out for These Decor Trends in 2018

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The spaces in which we live and work affect our daily lives in a very intimate way. Our surroundings have the ability to translate into our moods, energy, and focus. Whether you want to make your home or office feel more like your own, mirror your personality, drive energy into your space, or to have your decor more closely reflect the intentions you set, with the professional advice of our Boston interior design services and the color trends predicted for 2018 you can achieve all of your decor goals.

2018 Color Trend Predictions

According to evidence-based predictions by Sherwin-Williams, the decor color trends for the upcoming year will include palettes which reflect and embody various aspects of contemporary life. They have ascribed three categories to these palettes which include:

Affinity – This color story has been designed to celebrate the modern connection of people and places with grounding browns and exciting accent colors in a range of pinks and blues.
Connectivity – Designed with innovations in mind, connectivity draws on the technology-inspired colors and moments of our lives. Bursts of energetic orange, pixelated blues, and vibrant yellow offset a backdrop of calming, neutral tones.
Sincerity – Cultivated with minimalism in mind, sincerity allows open space to flow in a warm, comforting way. Gone are the days of marking moderation with stark lines and color contrast. Sincerity creates a mindful space with muted greens, warm pinks, and various colors in uniform shades which flow smoothly throughout a space, creating a feeling of sanctuary.

Whether you plan to live with affinity, connectivity, sincerity, or a combination of all three, make 2018 the year when your surroundings finally emulate you, your personality, and your lifestyle. With our expert Boston interior design services at Cynthia Driscoll Interiors, we can help you find a personal or professional design and decor which reflects the way you want to work, live, and love.

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